Watch: John Lewis Christmas advert 2015

by / Friday, 06 November 2015 / Published in Advertising, Branding
John Lewis Man On The Moon Christmas Advert 2015

Watch: John Lewis Christmas advert 2015

The John Lewis Christmas advert 2015, is one of the most anticipated adverts of the year, helping to kick-start the festive season. Will this one – featuring a man on the moon – evoke your emotion?

As retailers look to engage with their consumers during the festive season, the latest run of Christmas adverts has now become a much-anticipated part of the Christmas joy. Raising the stakes in this years campaign, John Lewis has invested a tidy £1 million into the production of the ‘Man in the Moon’, which was filmed by Warner Brothers studio in Hertfordshire. John Lewis, which could be said to have created this new wave of memorable advertising, has not lost its edge with this one.


‘Man on the Moon’ is the story of an elderly man living alone, cut off from the rest of the world he is spotted by Lilly, a girl who see’s him through her telescope. As the story develops we see the girl waving to the man and trying to make contact with him, but to no avail. Then on Christmas Day we see the excited girl opening her presents and enjoying a family Christmas, with the man taking delivery of a present from the girl: a telescope, which he then uses to spot her back on earth. He sheds a tear of joy.

The emotionally engaging advert, which was cleverly created by Adam&Eve/DBB, plays on visual and musical stimulation, with no vocal interactions. The story plays out the process of giving rather than receiving, and shows us that nobody should be alone.