Ready, Set, Fitness!

by / Thursday, 05 April 2018 / Published in Media, Video

Fitness Revolution has never shied away from embracing and making use of the latest marketing trends and tactics in order to make the most of their marketing efforts and budgets.

In late 2017 Stu and Emma decided it was time to revamp their promotional video in a way that gives them maximum versatility for use across multiple platforms such as their website and social media channels. As they run 4 very different types of fitness class and they do a lot of their promotion through Facebook we came up with the idea of doing a short video, that is no longer than 45 seconds, for each class. Alongside these short videos, we also created a brand new 90-second video which showcases all of the classes and the entire Fitness Revolution experience in one exciting package perfect for use on their website.

This ties in perfectly with their social media promotion as the videos are short enough that people will watch the video on Facebook and not just scroll past or lose interest halfway through. Stu and Emma have since combined this with a call to action to book now which encourages the viewer to proceed with their booking system. Enabling customers both existing and new to see exactly what the classes are like and the style of exercises that happen in each class whilst making it incredibly easy for them to book themselves in to attend.

Stu had this to say about his the success of his short videos:

“I am very pleased and the videos are working really well. I especially love how you quickly cut the scenes in time with the music to make the videos energetic and exciting.

I’m getting some good reach with 4000 impressions and 190 post clicks. I think if I tie it in with a solid call to action and an early bird discount it will work really well!”

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