Promotional Video for Parkour Free Runners

by / Tuesday, 27 September 2016 / Published in Advertising, Media, Video

New promotional video for Parkour Free-Runners!

Wow, we had a flipping great time filming a new promotional video for South Devon’s Free Runners, and when you think you’ve seen all the flips you can handle, along comes a few monkey vaults!

Parkour Experiences provides Free Running tuition to a wide range of fitness professionals of all ages, with classes taking place in Torquay, Paignton, Totnes, Brixham, and Plymouth. The Parkour team are also available to hire for events and performances such as ‘Hope at Greenway’ and ‘Xtreme Bike Battle’, have worked with clothing companies such as THTC and Super Saturated, and have performed for The National Trust, and Dartmoor Zoo, to name but a few!

We had the pleasure of working with the Parkour Experiences team in and around Paignton, Torbay on one of their training sessions. The promotional video concentrates on how the team members build their confidence, skills, and strength, and confidence under the supervision of founding member and professional Free Runner Kyle Perkins.

Our initial discussions with the Parkour team took place at one of their training sessions in Torquay, where the team provided a demonstration of their abilities. We then discussed key elements that needed to come across in the promotional video, with an emphasis on safety, team spirit, and their unique abilities.

The promotional video pre-production planning took place at our Frankman studio located in Torquay, with each stage of the video meticulously planned to ensure that the video captured and engaged with its intended audience.

Filming then took place at multiple locations throughout Paignton and Preston, Torbay. The team were all on top form and we all had a fantastic day, although we did not attempt any of the stunts ourselves!

Following the film shoot we then compiled the footage and started the editing process back at the Frankman studio, Torquay. The promotional video editing provided us with the opportunity to then mix, match, cross fade, tweak, and complete the final piece to the chosen music track.

We hope that you enjoy Parkour Experiences new promotional video, and if you would like to discuss having your own promotional video shoot, then please feel free to contact us on 01803 411016, and let’s start promoting YOU!!