Logo & Website Design for Premiere Scene

Premiere Scene are specialists in Red Carpet events, Film Junkets and one to one celebrity interviews for Small Independent film makers and Block Buster motion pictures.

Project Background

Having already created a website for Claire and Anthony Bueno of Bueno Productions, they came back and asked us to design a logo for their new sister company called Premiere Scene.
They liked the idea of a new logo which had a modern feel, with a crisp and clean design, but with a slightly classic/retro style look and typeface. Once a final design was created, this was then carried through onto the design of their new website, which continued with the classic/retro style.

Originally the website started with a single page, but as the business has successfully grown, the website has needed to grow too. The site now contains in excess of 500+ pages of content and information and continues to showcase their work with red carpet film premiere events and one to one celebrity interviews. Their fan base has also increased, so as well as an extended range of YouTube footage from previous and current interviews, a new live Twitter feed on the front page and calendar of upcoming film premieres, helps keep fans and keen film followers up-to-date with all the latest movie and celebrity gossip!

Project Deliverables:

• Logo Design
• Website Design & Development



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