Promotional Video Production

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, so imagine what a professional promotional video can do for your business! Whether you are promoting your business via your website or Social Media, we film, produce, edit, and manage the complete process, so all you need to do is bring the popcorn!

Capture their attention…

Words and pictures provide the backbone to any product or service, but a promotional video will instantly capture the attention of your audience. With the high volume of information available today it is important that you connect with your audience on every level. 

A video is the best way to bring your product or service to life and with 1/3 of all online activity being spent watching video, a professionally filmed, produced and edited promotional video can make the difference between a new customer looking at your information, and engaging with your information.

Only 20% of visitors will read the text on your website whereas 80% will watch the same content in video form. This keeps visitors on your website for 2 minutes longer than average and makes them 64% more likely to make a purchase.

These aren’t the only reasons to engage users with a promotional video:

  • Video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in conversion.
  • 90% of users find videos helpful in the decision process.
  • Users viewing on mobile devices are 92% more likely to share your video.
  • Google prioritises websites that use video over those that don’t, especially YouTube videos.

We’ve worked on trailers for television, documentaries, conference filming, video for business, and a number of short films that have been screened in the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner.

NHS Torbay and South Devon Foundation Trust

The Torbay and South Devon Foundation Trust wanted to find a way to engage and inform their staff about a new initiative within the Trust designed to foster interdepartmental communication in a setting that is more relaxed than a board meeting.

As all NHS staff members have access to the internal Intranet system it was determined that a short animated explainer video would be a great way to inform staff of the new Randomised Coffee Morning initiative.

We designed and animated a 62-second video, that concisely explains what the coffee mornings are and what they involve for the attendee. Combined with strong calls to action throughout the video has been an integral part of the launch of the randomised coffee mornings.

ER BID Conference 2018

Frankman Design and Media once again attended the English Riviera BID Exhibition and Conference held at the RICC.

With over 60 businesses displaying and over 250 people on the floor, this was a great event to meet and network with other business owners.

This short video captures some of the great stands and goings on from during the exhibition half of the day.

Glanvile Metals

Glanvile Metals are a family run and award-winning recycler of scrap metal offering an unrivalled and rewarding outlet for both local customers and commercial users alike.

Tony the owner of the business was looking for new ways to market and advertise in his business and was specifically looking for something that would differentiate them from their competition.

After an initial meeting we agreed that a promotional video would set Glanvile Metals apart from its competitors and through the combination of drone and ground level footage show the site in a way it has never been seen before.

Fitness Revolution

Fitness Revolution, run by Stu and Emma, is a local fitness group based in Paignton that offers invigorating group fitness classes and a total weight loss and body transformation solution.

Having added new locations, fitness classes, workshops, and challenge programs, Stu and Emma wanted to refresh and update their promotional video we wanted to capture the excitement, energy, and enthusiasm from each and every class...


7 Chefs (England's Seafood FEAST)

South Devon College hosted a taste-filled evening at Horizon’s Restaurant on Thursday 12th October 2017. A unique opportunity to sample world-class local seafood from seven of Torbay’s leading chefs, all in one evening. Where each chef prepared and cooked a course alongside students fro the college.

We were tasked with creating a short video that would capture the whole evening from arrival drinks, through each individual course.

Go Retrieve Commando Challenge

The Go Retrieve team take their fitness very seriously and decided to take on the infamous Commando Challenge at Bicton Arena. Raising money for the Devon Air Ambulance and the Royal Marines Charity

The Frankman Media team tagged along to the event, but not to get muddy, our job was to catch the team in the act of getting muddy on the 10k obstacle course, as they raised £347 for the charities.

Torbay Business Festival 2017

The Torbay Business Festival is the biggest exhibition event for businesses in Torquay held every year at the RICC

The 2017 festival was sponsored by Bays Brewery and Outset. Featured 4 fantastic seminars and a great opportunity for over 70 businesses to get together.

Having filmed the 2016 festival we were once again contacted to put together a short promotional video which showed the happenings at this years business festival.

South West Plumbing Services Limited

South West Plumbing Services in Torquay, have been providing high quality, cost-effective plumbing and heating services in and round Torbay for over 15 years.

South West Plumbing reached out to us looking for new ways to promote their business and reach their potential customers.

After our initial discussions we agreed that the addition of 4 highly focused promotional videos would be the best way forward. With each video being focused on a specific area that SWPSL wanted to promote.


Let your customers work for you…

We have found that a professionally produced promotional video that advertises your services in an engaging way will not only reach its intended audience on Social Media, but is more likely to be shared between friends and relatives, making your reach even greater.

First impressions count…

You have one chance to impress, so make sure you get it right! We will help you through the complete video production process from initial ideas to final production. We work with you to ensure that your promotional video highlights your business in the right way. Not only do we walk you through the complete sequence of events before we pick up the camera, we take the time to understand what you want to achieve, who you want to appeal to, and what your message is about.

82% of all Internet traffic will be video…

With Cisco forecasting 82% of all Internet traffic being video by 2020, isn’t it time you started your promotional video… call us on 01803 411016 to find out how we can instantly promote your business, and get ahead of the competition.