Logo, Stationery & Website for Paul Tout Furniture

Paul Tout is an award winning furniture designer who creates unique, handcrafted furniture and bespoke woodwork pieces at his workshop in the Cockington Craft Studios in Torquay.

Project Background

Paul approached Frankman Design as he needed a new logo design, which would be used on his promotional flyers and business cards for an exhibition where he planned to exhibit some of his work. After winning the ’2011 Alan Peters Award for Excellence’ at this exhibition, Paul opened his own craft workshop at the Cockington Craft Studios, where he continues to make bespoke and unique furniture.
As well as using the logo on the workshop signage, a new website was created showcasing Paul’s furniture and woodworking skills, with pictures, news/blog page and a stylised Twitter account.

Project Deliverables:

• Logo Design
• Stationery
• Graphic Design & Print
• Website Design & Development
• Signage Design


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