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We were asked a couple of interesting questions the other day in regards to business branding. The call came in from an individual who was pointed in our direction to discuss a new logo and website. The individual explained that they were finding business a little slow at the moment and that their business mentor had suggested that they look at their branding.

Following our initial meeting to gain an understanding of the customer, their business, how they wanted to grow, and where they wanted to be in the next few years. We had an overall discussion surrounding the importance of how the business needed to engage with its customers, create loyalty, and develop its brand in a positive way.

Without going into customer specifics, we felt that the questions asked, and the answers we provided, may be of interest to you…

Definition of a brand

A brand is a promise kept, a symbol that guaranties an experience, it evokes emotions, engages trust, and secures loyalty.

What is a brand?

A brand is an emotional engagement with your target audience; it is created in the mind of the individual and not on the factory floor. There are many products in the market place today that would not have succeeded if it were not for the creativity and use of a strong brand. Who would have thought that you could have created a multi billion-dollar industry from fizzy black water, well Coca Cola did!

There is an array of similar products available to us every day, but why do we keep choosing the same ones, why do we always pick up the same type of toothpaste, select the same supplier to work with, or choose one product over another? It’s about the brand, the emotional bond that a company has created to engage with its audience.

What is Brand Perception?

Two identical products can be perceived in two totally different ways depending on the products brand perception. It is important that your brand not only reflects the authenticity of your products and the services that you offer, it must also appeal to your target market. Successful brands convey the right meaning for the right product, and aim it towards the intended audience. The success of a brand is in its overall message, its look, the people you deal with, the perceived value, its image, and the ethics that surround it.

Do I need a Business Brand?

Everybody and every business is a brand in their own right, you may not realise it but you are seen as a brand yourself. Your colleagues, friends and family will all perceive and categorise you depending on the way you look and dress, how you treat others, how often you speak with them, and how authentic you are.

Your customers will do the same with your business, how does the business look, how am I treated as a customer, do I feel valued, and is this company honest and trustworthy? So, you have a brand already, the question is, how do you want your brand to evolve…

If you now think about your business as a brand, how do you think it may come across? Does your brand resonate throughout your business, from the way you treat your customers to the way you advertise yourself? Is your business a brand that engages with its customers, promotes loyalty, engages trust, and is instantly recognisable?

I thought my Brand was my logo?

Whilst your logo is not your whole brand, it is an extremely important part of your brand. It provides the foundations for all of your customer communications, providing continuity in everything you do. When we design a logo, it is designed around you, your business and how you want your business to be perceived by its customers. This then provides the foundations for the development of your website, bringing in the creative aspects of the logo, its fonts, and design lines. This processes is then used when we create business cards and stationery. We also use the same principles when we create newspaper and magazine advertising, design and deliver Social Networking campaigns, e-Marketing, newsletters, signage, and branded clothing.

Your brand may start with a logo, but your complete brand, is in everything you do, the way you present yourself and your business, and how you treat your customers.

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