Have you heard us on Heart Radio?

by / Thursday, 08 January 2015 / Published in Branding
Who's On Heart? ...Frankman Design! Listen to our new Radio Advert on Heart FM Radio Torbay. Creative Design and Branding... Imagine That!

Have you heard us on Heart Radio?

Advertising and marketing is an important aspect of any business, and whilst it is important, it is one that we can have a little fun with. 

We have worked with a wide range of businesses over the years, from new start-ups to multi-national companies, helping them to create new brands, or revive old and tired ones, many of these companies we still work with today.

So, I hear you ask, why are we advertising? 

Well, Frankman Design is about helping businesses to grow, we are about offering a professional service with a twist of fun. We are about helping local companies become recognised and established.

We are all about the branding!

Having worked with service companies, and businesses that sell widgets, and broadcasters who… well broadcast. We understand that products need to be predictable in many ways. As do services and organisations.

When I buy a can of beans or a cappuccino or call a plumber for my broken down boiler, I want the predicted response of a professional experience. The beans need to be the same as they were last time. The coffee needs to be as creamy and delicious as it was before. And the service needs to be quick, efficient, friendly and reassuring, if my boiler stops working.

But the branding… The visual/audio set of tools used to convey the messages. To decorate. To help explain an offer. To stand out from the crowd… They should be memorable, varied, bold, charming, funny, sophisticated, thought provoking, clear and smart… And that is where we come in.

So, what does our advert say?

Well here it is, and it’s all about helping you…

“Imagine all eyes on you,

Imagine that you are the centre of the universe,
…the one that everybody wants to know.

Now, imagine your business,
Imagine customers talking about you,
…wanting your services or products,

Now stop imagining, and let it happen

We are Frankman Design.

From websites to branding, marketing to advertising,
We help you attract the customers that you want.

Imagine that!

Frankman Design, the local creative design agency.


The advert is being played on Heart Radio, and you can hear it by clicking on the image below.


We hope that you enjoy the advert, remember imagination is at the core of creativity, which is at the heart of your branding!

Want to talk about how we can help your business? The call us on 01803 411016, lets get your business recognised!