Guinness logo design

by / Tuesday, 26 April 2016 / Published in Branding, Logo Designs
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Even the smallest of changes can make the biggest of differences, as Guinness takes on a new look when updating their iconic harp logo.

The skill and craftsmanship behind the Guinness brand has been synonymous around the world for over 250 years, with the harp logo being used continuously for the past 150 years.

Illustrator Gerry Barney, harp-makers Niebisch & Tree, and letterpress studio New North Press have all been engaged by Design Bridge to help elevate and refresh the iconic logo that we all know and love, well some of us more than others!

The new look, which reflects the true story of craftsmanship, is designed to distinguish the brand from the new generation of craft beers, whilst keeping its appeal to both new and existing Guinness followers.

Design Bridge chief creative officer Graham Shearsby says the final design “is a result of a long and thorough process of getting to know the Guinness brand, and the harp itself, as intimately as possible.”

Working with “fine craftspeople and experts has allowed us to turn everything that we’ve learnt into a new harp icon rich with depth and history that also feels right for a modern, global beer brand,”.

This is one aspect of logo design that we at Frankman Design can relate to, the complete logo design processes is a journey that takes into account, not only the company and the people behind it, but its audience, character, and personality; it is your stamp of approval, a guarantee to your customers and it is the spearhead of your brand identity.

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