Christmas Count Down…

by / Tuesday, 04 November 2014 / Published in Branding

With only 7 weeks until Christmas, are you on your customers “Naughty” OR “Nice” list?

Christmas is the time when your brand can really work for you. Christmas creates an emotional bond with your customers through festivity, fun,and laughter; and its not just large corporations such as Coca cola that use Christmas cheer as a way to reach out to customers, and engage them on an emotional level.

Promoting your brand during this happy period is a great way to reinforce your presence, and have some fun along the way. Creating brand “hype” such as Coca Cola’s ‘Holidays are coming’ campaign which draws the customer into the excitement of Christmas following the Coca Cola lorry. To the memorable John Lewis Christmas ads of 2012 and 2013 which led to chart topping soundtracks which made you think “oh John Lewis” every time you heard it.  Launched last weekend is Debenhams #foundit campaign bringing together the power of television and the draw of Twitter.
Reinventing your company at Christmas will help create and reinforce brand loyalty.

Engaging with your own customers at this time of the year is a way for you to extend the personality of your business, using your own festive spirit to promote your business and becoming a part of everyones Christmas tradition.

7 weeks may seem like a lifetime away! but NOW is the time to think about how you are going send your customers a bit of Christmas Spirit. NOW is the time to think about your Christmas campaign.

Planning a successful Christmas campaign will raise customer awareness at the same time as strengthening your brand.

Click the links below and watch your favourite Christmas adverts!


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