Why your business needs social video!

by / Monday, 22 May 2017 / Published in Advertising, Media, Video

Video content is on the rise, that is no secret, and by 2019 video content will be a whopping 85% of all internet traffic. In 2017 video content is already 74% of all traffic and that’s a staggering amount of video that people are consuming every single day.

But where are they consuming all this content? The answer is social media, the average user will watch video on social media every day. Whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook, video content on social media is what businesses need to focus on in 2017.

What is social video?

Social video is a catch-all term that can cover anything from a professionally crafted advert to a live stream on Facebook. So how do you define it? Our definition is that social video is video content designed to be seen and most importantly shared through social networks.

As each social network has a unique audience and different ways of implementing video content, social videos need to be optimized for the network it will be shown on. A video that works well on Facebook may need some tweaks before it works on Instagram for example.

Most importantly your content, whether prerecorded or live, needs to be shareable. Different things make content shareable but two key elements are the emotions it induces and the story that it tells.

Many people confuse social video with viral video, however, you do not need your video to get millions of views for it to still be a huge success. If your video tells the story of how your business can help it can be a success with only 500 views, (if those views come from your target audience). It is all about the shareability of the video within your target audience. That is the key to social video success.

The fact that all the big social media players are rolling out their own native video support shows the value and power that video has when reaching your audience. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have their own video features. Facebook has recently updated its algorithm to favour video and now consider live video a new type of content separate from regular video and are considering ways to rank live video on the news feed in line with this. Social networks favour video due to its completely unique ability to connect with viewers, and how this connection drives the content forward through sharing.

Truth is your competitors are already making use of social media. A 2016 survey found that 61% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. In the previous year, 66 percent of those businesses were not using video at all. This is all because video can deliver impressive reach and ROI.

Don’t believe us? Here are some figures:

Of course, your return on investment of social video depends on how you choose to use it. Every business will have different targets and goals. The key thing is that you actually set goals and track the success of your videos using analytics. It’s only through tracking that you will learn what clicks with your audience and what doesn’t.

Regardless of the size and type of your business you can use social video to raise awareness for and grow your business.

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