Get your Business Ready for Summer…

by / Wednesday, 22 May 2019 / Published in Branding, Development, Graphic Design

As the sun shines, people will put their thoughts towards their summer holiday, we hope a huge number of tourists flock to the English Riviera for 2019. Here are a few ideas and tips on how to get your hospitality or tourism business ready for the summer!


Do those jobs you have been putting off…
Dare we mention that three letter swear word.. DIY, grrr, just the thought of it! But another word that’s not so offensive is TLC, can make all the difference… You know the things that need doing… those handles that stick, that window that rattles, that grouting that needs refreshing, and whilst they may seem small, they make all the difference.
Promoting your location
Making your guests feel at home and wanting to return goes without saying, so if you offer leaflets of local attractions or events, then check they are in good order, up to date, and still relevant.
Social Media
It’s time for you to shine… you can reach your audience quickly, easily and with very little, or no expense. Post pictures of your rooms, post pictures of the area, share local events and attractions!  Get people excited about, we live in the amazing English Riviera, let’s not keep it a secret!
Better together
It doesn’t cost a lot to make a difference, and your customers are the best advertisers you have, so why not give them that little extra. Try working with another local business, a restaurant, a bar, or an attraction, where you can offer a free drink, a discount, or even a ‘hello’ from the owner. That feel-good factor will keep your customers returning, increase your online ratings, and spread across social media.
Prepare your team
If you expect an exceptionally busy summer, you may wish to think about adding seasonal help. Students will be available throughout the summer, whilst they are on their break, give yourself plenty of time to find the best candidate and get those t-shirts branded!
Get Clear & Organised
Now is the ideal time to focus on your business and what you want to achieve! Why not set yourself some goals? it could be to earn a certain number of 5-star reviews or exceed last year’s visitor numbers. Tidy that workspace, clear up your filing system, declutter your email. Write down your focus and your goals and keep these in mind throughout the summer!
Be consistent 
Does your branding match your image? Does your photography do your rooms justice? Is your website flying the flag for your business? is your own marketing material up to date?

If you would like any further information, we would be delighted to pop and see you and discuss how we can help.